Summon Night 3

PublisherBandai Namco Games
GenreStrategy » General
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UMD Version 3.00
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Region Duplicates
3000UMDJPSummon_Night_3_JPN_PSP-CaravanNPJH-503802012-10-021.54 GBNFO
1184PSNJPSummon_Night_3_v3_JPN_PSN_PSPNPJH-503802016-05-051.54 GBNFO
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Released in 2003 on the PlayStation2, Summon Night 3 is so overwhelmingly popular that the game developers decide to bring the magic, the tactics and the great system back on the Sony PSP.

The developers have also included brand new elements, even more illustrations, mini games and new powers for the characters in this upgraded version.

The story takes place on a mysterious island where dangerous beasts prowl. The hero and his students are washed ashore after a powerful storm. To protect his students, and to escape from the island in one piece, he has to awaken the power of a mysterious force.

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