Basha Card Game Collection (v2)

GenreMiscellaneous » Board Games
LanguageEnglish - Arabic
SourcePSN minis
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UMD Version 2.01
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The Basha collection of card games encompasses three of the region's most loved and most played games.

Baloot, Trix and Tarneeb are popular among the Arab and Middle Eastern youth from across the GCC, Levant and North Africa regions. The game puts the player in an atmosphere of playing against old friends, with rich arabesque visuals that stem from traditional game boards and tables from the region. The realistic gameplay is further enhanced by a relaxing soundtrack, and all in all provides for hours of endless fun!

Each of the three card games is also released as a separate minis product on the PSN store under the titles: Basha Baloot, Basha Trix and Basha Tarneeb.

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