Everyday Shooter

GenreAction » Shooter
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Explore a guitar riff-laden voyage that explodes, morphs and grows before your eyes.

It's already a classic on PlayStation 3, and now you can enjoy Riff: Everyday Shooter - a unique, instantly playable arcade experience - wherever you go on PSP.

If you're new to Riff: Everyday Shooter, this is unlike any arcade blaster you've seen or heard before... Playing out like an ever-changing music album, every level is a different song and your actions trigger sound effects which play in melodic harmony with the background music, leading to a constantly evolving mix of emotive sounds and vivid, abstract visuals.

Your task is to shoot objects as they appear, move and grow on-screen, chaining together guitar riffs that harmonise with the soundtrack. Destroy everything you see, and avoid contact with enemies to build the biggest scores.

Intrigued? Then discover Riff: Everyday Shooter for yourself. Play, enjoy and let the experience wash over you. Begin your journey into a beautiful, musical masterpiece...

  • Blast your way through a harmonic combination between music, visuals and gameplay
  • Unlock bonuses such as visual effects by increasing your playtime and maximising points through combinations
  • Battle across eight different levels which musically shift and change each time based on your actions
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