Alone With You

GenreAdventure » General
Media IDPCSE-01108
DeveloperBenjamin Rivers
PublisherLimited Run Games
Publish Date2019-04-19
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Region Duplicates
0944PSNUSAlone With YouPCSE-008872016-08-23
0945PSNEUAlone With YouPCSB-009642016-08-23
1644CARDUSAlone With YouPCSE-011082019-04-19

You’re the last survivor of a doomed space colony, trying to escape a planet before it implodes around you. Equipped with a scanner, you’ll reveal clues, solve puzzles, and discover the fates of over two-dozen colonists and the secrets of their interwoven lives. By day you’ll explore this richly detailed world with the help of the colony’s troubled AI. And each night, you'll spend quality time with several holographic companions, forging lasting relationships while gaining further insight into the colony’s tragic downfall.

  • Experience more than a dozen missions, including lush agroponic installations, vast research labs, and the eerily-quiet cabins of your former colleagues
  • Get to know Pierre, Winnie, Jean and Leslie — and help them realize their destinies through a unique, natural social system
  • Multiple endings and branching conversations let you explore new perspectives with each playthrough
  • An original, stunning musical score features energizing and atmospheric tracks