FIFA Soccer 13

GenreSports » Traditional » Soccer
Media IDPCSE-00094
DeveloperElectronic Arts
PublisherEA Sports
Publish Date2012-09-25
Dump statusNoNPDRM
Region Duplicates
0140CARDUSFIFA Soccer 13PCSE-000932012-09-25
0141CARDUSFIFA Soccer 13PCSE-000962012-09-25
0148CARDEUFIFA 13PCSB-001702012-09-28
0149CARDEUFIFA 13PCSB-001712012-09-28
0150CARDEUFIFA 13PCSB-001722012-09-28
0151CARDEUFIFA 13PCSB-001732012-09-28
0152CARDEUFIFA 13PCSB-001742012-09-28
0159CARDJPFIFA 13: World Class SoccerPCSG-001072012-10-18
0965CARDEUFIFA 13PCSB-001752012-09-28
1532CARDUSFIFA Soccer 13PCSE-000942012-09-25

There is no more thrilling outcome than the one that no one saw coming. FIFA 2013 takes the all-world football experience you expect and adds intrigue by amping up the unexpected, making each match play out with the anything-can-happen feel of real life football. Key refinements improve first-touch capabilities with more realistic physics and intensify battles for ball control with a new Player Impact Engine. The sharpened AI attack is more versatile and relentless, while a tweaked dribbling mechanic with true 360-degree mobility lets you chart a path through the defense with more precision. You'll also find more free-kick options on both sides of the ball, and much more.