A Certain Magical Virtual-On

电脑战机Virtual-On×魔法禁书目录 魔法电脑战机
GenreAction » General
Media IDPCSH-10075
Publish Date2018-03-01
Dump statusNoNPDRM
Region Duplicates
1429CARDJPToaru Majutsu no Virtual-OnPCSG-010892018-02-15
1441CARDASA Certain Magical Virtual-OnPCSH-100752018-03-01
1442CARDKOA Certain Magical Virtual-OnPCSH-100742018-03-01

Get in the Virtualoid cockpit, take your weapon, and prepare for an ultra-violent-post-modern battle, because YES, Virtual-On has returned! InToaru Majutsu no Virtual-On, a new generation of 50-foot mechas are ready to battle hard, but this time they’ll be equipped with magical powers.

We’re not joking, indeed this new chapter is a crossover game with the light novel series “Toaru Majutsu no Index” published by Dengeki Bunko.

Use the combat systems strategically to reduce your challengers into a molten mass of twisted metal, more you’ll win and more money you’ll earn to develop and improve your machine’s parts and abilities to pilot the deadliest war machine into the heart of intense battles.

  • The main playable characters and Virtuaroids - A look at some Boost Weapon abilities, tutorial mode for new players, the “Smart” style that automatically locks-on and tracks enemies for you or the “Veteran” style that will have you manually lock-on enemies
  • Various missions, boss battles, the rugby-like Explosion Code mode, the Kill Attack mode where you face waves of enemies, and the Arcade Battle where you tune up your Virtuaroids to take on others
  • Network mode - Offers a variety of gameplay modes. There are cooperative missions where you team up with other players, online battles for 1v1 and 2v2 battles. There are Ranked Matches to compete with other players while climbing the rankings
  • Cross-save support between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita - you can play at home or on the go to get your Virtuaroid action fix