Corpse Party: Blood Drive

콥스 파티 블러드 드라이브
GenreAdventure » General
Media IDPCSH-00166
PublisherDigital Touch Co., Ltd.
Publish Date2015-08-27
Dump statusNoNPDRM
Region Duplicates
0446CARDJPCorpse Party: Blood DrivePCSG-002982014-07-24
0720CARDUSCorpse Party: Blood DrivePCSE-007082015-10-13
0725CARDEUCorpse Party: Blood DrivePCSB-008222015-10-20
1365CARDKOCorpse Party: Blood DrivePCSH-001662015-08-27

While some members of Kisaragi Academy's class 2-9 returned from their trip to the hellish, otherworldly elementary school known as Heavenly Host, many did not.

Class president Ayumi Shinozaki attempted to use an ancient tome called the Book of Shadows to resurrect her deceased friends once before, but only compounded the tragedy in the process. And now the book has been lost.

Or has it? When a spiritual photograph turns up, suggesting the Book of Shadows may now reside in the tattered remains of Heavenly Host, Ayumi becomes obsessed with finding it so she can make one last attempt to set things right.

Picking up two months after Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, Corpse Party: Blood Drive serves as the definitive conclusion to the long-running Heavenly Host story arc. Featuring dynamic lighting, 3D sound, highly detailed environments and a variety of new gameplay systems, this is a Japanese horror experience not to be missed!