Asdivine Hearts

GenreRole-Playing ยป Console-style RPG
Media IDPCSE-01106
PublisherLimited Run Games
Publish Date2017-08-25
Dump status
Region Duplicates
1078PSNJPAsdivine HeartsPCSG-009712016-12-13
1079PSNUSAsdivine HeartsPCSE-009682017-01-10
1204CARDUSAsdivine HeartsPCSE-011062017-08-25
1445PSNEUAsdivine HeartsPCSB-011672017-11-07

One year ago, the world of Asdivine was enveloped by a brilliant flash of light. Since that time, the influence of shadow has only continued to grow ever more powerful across the face of the land. Although the event itself was undoubtedly connected with the heavens, few people seem to have realized the far-reaching implications of what transpired. Now turning to the present, a surprising revelation awaits a young man, Zack, and his childhood friend, Stella, in the capital from a chubby cat claiming to be none other than the Light Deity and declaring the world to be on the verge of destruction...

Asdivine Hearts boasts of plenty of subquests, a battle arena, treasure to dig for, and an enemy guide to complete. By setting puzzle piece-like jewels in a box known as a rubix, players are able to customize characters! How far can you level and how many millions of damage can you dish out?