Castle Invasion: Throne Out

GenreStrategy » Real-Time
Media IDPCSE-00946
DeveloperCat Trap Studios
PublisherCat Trap Studios
Publish Date2016-10-11
Dump statusNoNPDRM
Region Duplicates
0793PSNEUCastle Invasion: Throne OutPCSB-009922016-10-11
0962PSNUSCastle Invasion: Throne OutPCSE-009462016-10-11

The king is not a nice gent. He’s given you an ultimatum. Surrender your castle or be throne out. (See what I did there? Because the king sits on a throne. . .yeah? . . . never mind.) With an army of misfits at his beck and call, you’d better pick up that bow and arrow and settle in for some crown duels.

Castle Invasion is the fun, frantic challenge of defending your castle against an army.

  • 50 frantic, action packed levels.
  • 5 deadly bosses.
  • Use coins dropped by enemies to buy over 40 weapon upgrades.
  • Wizards, jesters, knights, dwarves, executioners and more in an army of medieval misfits.
  • Full to bursting with awful, awful puns.