Rocketbirds 2: Evolution

GenreAction » Platformer » 2D
Media IDPCSG-00818
DeveloperRatloop Asia Pte Ltd
Publish Date2016-04-26
Dump status
Region Duplicates
0880PSNUSRocketbirds 2: EvolutionPCSE-007612016-04-26
0883PSNEURocketbirds 2: EvolutionPCSB-008362016-04-26
0885PSNJPRocketbirds 2: EvolutionPCSG-008182016-04-26
1000PSNASRocketbirds 2: EvolutionPCSH-001272016-04-26
1681CARDUSRocketbirds 2: EvolutionPCSE-013452019-12-27

This Story Tastes nothing like chicken! - Step into the webbed feet of “Hardboiled Chicken”, the series’ undeniably plucky superchicken secret agent and venture into the game's full Story Mode campaign. Thanks to the return of the evil penguin despot, iL Putzki, Hardboiled must hunt down and eliminate him once and for all using jetpacks, new guns, disguises and skills only fit for the Bond of super-chicken agents.

Rescue 'em All! - Assemble a strike force of great magnitude and go on rescue missions behind enemy lines in the game's 1 - 4 player drop-in / drop-out, online/offline Rescue Mode. Leave no bird behind!

Evolution is Delicious! - Featuring enhanced, nuanced controls, new combat systems, an expanded arsenal, slick graphics and the cordon bleu of musical soundtracks, the sequel has truly evolved!