CatsBlock Vestival

GenreMiscellaneous » Puzzle
LanguageEnglish - Chinese
Media IDPCSH-00099
DeveloperArc System Works
PublisherF K Digital Pty. Ltd.
Publish Date2014-11-20
Dump statusNoNPDRM
Region Duplicates
0562PSNASCatsBlock VestivalPCSH-000992014-11-20
0563PSNJPNyan-derful * Puzzle: NekoBuroPCSG-005332014-12-24
0696PSNUSNekoBuro: Cats BlockPCSE-006782015-07-07
0698PSNEUNekoBuro: Cats BlockPCSB-007712015-07-07
1418PSNASCatsBlock VestivalPCSH-001262015-12-03

In the Universe of NekoBuro, on a distant planet, there is a story of a fantastic electric wave life featuring the Square Cats, a whimsical group of aliens. They use electric waves to travel through the universe. They were struck by a strong solar storm while passing by a beautiful blue planet. The great storm has separated the square cats from each other.

Totan, the hero, meets a carefree girl Rino by accident. Totan stays in Rino's house and tries to find his friends by using his items from outer space. What will happen to these square cats...?

NekoBuro – Cats Block is a game in which players can easily play during short breaks in their daily activities. Through the 50 levels and the survival mode of NekoBuro, players can unlock collectibles to decorate their own room and play with the square cats!