JAZZ: Trump's Journey

GenreAction » Platformer » 2D
Media IDPCSB-00236
DeveloperEgg Ball
PublisherEgg Ball
Publish Date2014-07-09
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0425PSNEUJAZZ: Trump's JourneyPCSB-002362014-07-09

“My name is Trump, I’m a jazzman, and this is my story.”

Immerse yourself in the memories of Trump, in his dreams as a young, star-struck jazz musician, in love with the lovely Lady Poppy.

Presenting a daring parallel with the real story of Louis Armstrong, relive Trump's life, his quest to form a group, his love affair and battle against injustice in the New Orleans of the early 20th century.

Let inspiration guide you through this fascinating platform game.

  • Travel through 13 hardcore levels
  • Move around New Orleans depicted using stylish graphics
  • Follow young Trump's moving story and be part of the birth of jazz
  • Discover the jazzy band sound specially composed by jazz musicians
  • Use your trumpet to stop time
  • Face every kind of danger: boss, moving platforms, spikes, etc.