A-Men 2

GenreAction ยป General
Media IDPCSB-00222
DeveloperBloober Team
PublisherBloober Team
Publish Date2013-11-06
Dump statusNoNPDRM
Region Duplicates
0279PSNUSA-Men 2PCSE-003242013-11-05
0281PSNEUA-Men 2PCSB-002222013-11-06

Prepare yourself for another journey through series of new worlds, featuring multiple challenges with many ways to pass a level and resolve puzzles. Highly tactical, completely addictive, A-MEN 2 is easy to play but still hard to master.

Did you miss our special division? Guess what? It's back in A-men 2!

A-MEN 2, continuation of well-received military strategy for PlayStation Vita system/ PlayStation 3 system, which allows you to hang out with your good, old friends once more. Atom, Antler, Anaconda, Aurelius and Aardvark are ready and waiting to destroy hordes of A-Droids again. So don't let them wait! A-MEN 2 is bringing you four brand new worlds full of enemies, traps and puzzles. Also our brave soldiers got some new skills. You're not convinced? You said that A-MEN part one was so easy? Try us! A-MEN 2 will give you more challenges than you expect. So don't be afraid and put our troopers in action.