Root Double: Before Crime * After Days - Xtend Edition

GenreAdventure ยป General
Media IDPCSB-01316
DeveloperRegista, Sekai Project
PublisherSekai Project, Inc
Publish Date2020-07-08
Dump statusNoNPDRM
Region Duplicates
0435PSNJPRoot Double: Before Crime * After Days - Xtend EditionPCSG-003562014-07-24
1534PSNUSRoot Double: Before Crime * After Days - Xtend EditionPCSE-010552018-03-13
1707CARDASRoot Double: Before Crime * After Days - Xtend EditionPCSH-102742020-11-26
2026PSNEURoot Double: Before Crime * After Days - Xtend EditionPCSB-013162020-07-08

September 16, 2030 - 6:19 AM. At "LABO", a giant scientific research facility built by a lake on the outskirts of "Rokumei City", an "incident" occurs...! And thus, nine souls are trapped in LABO's basement.

A world where death eats away at every passing moment. The way out, shut. Frequent inexplicable phenomena. Countless mysteries. And... a bizarre murder that occurred right in that closed space. There are two routes out of this extreme situation:

An amnesiac rescue squad captain in LABO- Watase Kasasagi. A nine hour escape drama unfolds from his viewpoint.

A high school student trapped in LABO- Natsuhiko Tenkawa. A journey into his memories of the six days leading up to the incident starts from his viewpoint.

When two intentions and two sets of memories overlap... all will be revealed. In the end, is there a route for all nine to escape with their lives?