Frobisher Says!

GenreMiscellaneous ยป Compilation
LanguageEnglish - Russian - French - Spanish - German - Italian - Dutch - Portuguese - Danish - Swedish - Norwegian - Finnish - Polish
Media IDPCSF-00043
DeveloperHoneyslug Ltd
Publish Date2012-02-22
Dump statusNoNPDRM
Region Duplicates
0019PSNEUFrobisher Says!PCSF-000432012-02-22
0087PSNUSFrobisher Says!PCSA-000502012-10-23

Frobisher Says! is a a fast-moving minigame compilation featuring 50 games. This game is designed to make you use the full range of features that PS Vita has to offer -- Frobisher might command you to scratch his back using the rear touch pad, face the North Pole or even smile for him.

You can experience Frobisher Says! in a single or multiplayer mode. Up to 12 players can pass one PS Vita between them as they play, join in the party and discover all that PS Vita has to offer. Wacky and surreal, Frobisher Says! includes poking otters with sticks, delivering puddings, drawing on eggs and smiling at ladies.

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