Licky the Lucky Lizard Lives Again

GenreAction ยป General
Media IDPCSB-01154
DeveloperBezDoesGames Ltd.
PublisherBezDoesGames Ltd.
Publish Date2017-09-01
Dump statusNoNPDRM
Region Duplicates
1161PSNEULicky the Lucky Lizard Lives AgainPCSB-011542017-09-01
1287PSNUSLicky the Lucky Lizard Lives AgainPCSE-011482017-09-05

Licky The Lucky Lizard Lives Again is an endless, procedurally-generated 2D platformer in which players compete to climb higher and survive longer than friends and other players on online leaderboards.

Players take control of a lizard named Licky, who is trapped inside a volcano and must climb up escape the rising lava below.

Licky's long tongue can be used as a unique grappling mechanism to reach higher platforms, as well as collecting pick-ups such as health packs and projectiles. Complete challenges and unlock upgrades to give yourself an edge on the competition.