Furuki Yoki Jidai no Boukentan

GenreStrategy » Turn-Based
Media IDPCSG-00922
DeveloperDaidai Inc.
PublisherDaidai Inc.
Publish Date2016-12-15
Dump statusNoNPDRM
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1068PSNJPFuruki Yoki Jidai no BoukentanPCSG-009222016-12-15

The concept of Adventure Story of the Good Old Days is that it’s a simple and easy to understand game that anyone can enjoy. It’s a turn-based simulation role-playing game where you move your units (represented as square pieces with character illustrations) on the map in order to defeat the enemy units. By meeting the conditions for victory (defeating all the enemy units, etc.), you’ll advance to the next stage.

By fighting enemy units, you’ll gain experience points and level up. By leveling up, you’ll become stronger, and based on the type of unit, you may learn new magic.

You’ll be “defeated” when the hero unit is killed and will have to start that stage over from the beginning, but your level and experience points will be maintained. Also, by selecting the “Retreat” command, you can start over again just as if you’ve been defeated. If you feel a stage is a bit difficult, you can repeatedly “Retreat” in efforts to level up without trying too much. There aren’t any particular penalties if you’re defeated. However, your “Number of Times Defeated” will increase by one.

Just like your number of times defeated is recorded, so is your number of turns. One way you can challenge yourself is to see if you can clear each stage with the least amount of turns and defeats.