Eikoku Tantei Mysteria: The Crown

英国探偵ミステリア The Crown
GenreAdventure » General
Media IDPCSG-00753
DeveloperKarin Entertainment
PublisherKarin Entertainment
Publish Date2016-02-11
Dump statusNoNPDRM
Region Duplicates
0805CARDJPEikoku Tantei Mysteria: The CrownPCSG-007532016-02-11
1646CARDUSLondon Detective MysteriaPCSE-011872019-05-31
1707PSNEULondon Detective MysteriaPCSB-012002018-12-18

Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday was to be the heiress of House Whiteley’s debut into high society, but an inquiring mind begs for more than parties as she stumbles into the many curiosities that lay hidden in London’s darkest corners. Help sharpen Lady Whiteley’s instincts as a budding detective, take control of her present to uncover the mysteries of her past, and grow an unbreakable bond with one of many dashing personalities from well-known works of fiction.

  • Find Your Destined One. Find love with personalities inspired by famous figures and works of fiction, including Detective Holmes, Gentleman Thief Lupin, Jack the Ripper, and more.
  • Take Control of the Story. Decisions made throughout will net not only special rewards, but will shape whether love is in Lady Whiteley’s future or if fate has more unfortunate consequences in mind.
  • An Extra-Customizable Visual Novel. Change Lady Emily Whiteley’s first name for a personal touch, then further customize your playing experience by adjusting text speed, toggling visual effects, and even adjusting the individual speaking volumes of your favorite characters.