Luminous Arc Infinity

ルミナスアーク インフィニティ
GenreStrategy » Turn-Based
Media IDPCSG-00444
DeveloperMarvelous Inc.
PublisherMarvelous Inc.
Publish Date2015-08-06
Dump statusNoNPDRM
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0682CARDJPLuminous Arc InfinityPCSG-004442015-08-06

“Idols” are the most important existence in this world! The planet is supported by the magic powers that each Idol gathers from citizens of their respective nation. By embedding this power on giant crystals known as “Lapis”, they assure that life in the planet will keep stable. But now, a group calling themselves “Amadeus” is threatening the lives of those same Idols, and it’s when the protagonist gets involved in a big countermeasure plan to fight against those terrorists.

As a conductor, Xird possesses a vital ability to this world: He is able to tune an idol to make easier for them to bring forth their powers. Even though he was still a disciple, he was surprisingly talented and smart enough to single-handed solve problems affecting a whole nation in just a few minutes. Taking this into account, it was no surprise that his master and the Empress left him in charge of the operation to fight against Amadeus.

However, it is very unlikely that someone cursed by the Desert of Darkness will be able to protect the idols of every nation with his weak body that is drying up little by little, just like the very desert that cursed him. And to make matters worse, Xird himself is a lazy bastard with no motivation towards his mission whatsoever. The future of this world is bleak…