Kamisama to Koi Gokoro

GenreAdventure » General
Media IDPCSG-00449
Publish Date2014-09-25
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The protagonist of this story has her days busily full "bestowing equal care" to all as prescribed by the church.

One day three priest apprentices with good looks but bad personalities appear. We're aspiring towards the same goals so we'll get along she thought, but she ends up quarreling with them from the start. But with the protagonists bright nature and the help of her childhood friend and her superior the distance between her and the three of them lessens.

Before long, inside the protagonist's heart something starts to bloom, the "awakening of love" for just one person. However, there is the church necessity of "equality", no one person is "special" enough to be loved more than anybody else. On December 24th the "Christmas Eve Festival" will be held at the church. From here the protagonist is faced with the choice to either continue aiming to be a "Nun", or to live for "love".

The "care" of the church that she has supported up till now. The "chastity" that she has protected with great care. The "love" that she hasn't known until now. The continuing feelings of "pure love" for only one person. If it was you, Which would you choose?