Twin Breaker: A Sacred Symbols Adventure

GenreAction ยป General
Media IDPCSH-10250
DeveloperLILLYMO GAMES inc.
PublisherEastasiasoft Limited
Publish Date2020-05-08
Dump statusNoNPDRM
Region Duplicates
1690CARDASTwin Breaker: A Sacred Symbols AdventurePCSH-102502020-05-08
1977PSNUSTwin Breaker: A Sacred Symbols AdventurePCSE-014522020-03-24
1981PSNEUTwin Breaker: A Sacred Symbols AdventurePCSB-014172020-03-25

While World War distracts the nations of Earth, an isolationist United States obsessively sends generation ships to nearby star systems to find new planets for America to colonize. But once in interstellar space, the ships mysteriously disappear. When clues emerge as to the whereabouts of the missing spacecraft, two talented pilots jump through a wormhole and into the unknown in a story-driven brick breaker in the spirit of Arkanoid and Breakout.

Twin Breaker is an ode to both the past and the future. The game is developed by Lillymo (Perils of Baking, Habroxia) and written by long-time PlayStation media personality and podcast host Colin Moriarty.

  • 40 Story Levels
  • New Game+
  • 7 Unique Game Modes
  • Loads of Powerups
  • Boss Fights
  • Story and Collectibles Written by Colin Moriarty