Eve: Rebirth Terror

EVE rebirth terror
GenreAdventure » General
Media IDPCSG-01249
DeveloperEl Dia
PublisherEl Dia
Publish Date2019-04-25
Dump statusNoNPDRM
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1639CARDJPEve: Rebirth TerrorPCSG-012492019-04-25

Story Summary

Peaceful days have returned. It’s been one year since the Burst Error case, and the dreadful incident is slowly starting to fade away from memories. Kojiroh Amagi and Marina Houjou currently spend their days in boredom, handling their respective jobs and cases. Until one fateful day, where their paths cross again, their destiny heading toward a new tragedy…

Kojirou Amagi’s Story

The Amagi Detective Agency is still as unpopular as ever. Kojirou, who has worked simple cases thanks to his excellent assistant Kyoko and has not had trouble making a living, passes each day in tedium. Then one day, a request comes in for Kojirou to investigate the case of a missing teacher at El International Academy, a school that he is strongly connected to. Kojirou accepts the request to investigate this case, which gives off the restless feeling he has long been without…

Marina Houjou’s Story

Marina, the legendary agent who once boasted a 99 percent work success rate. However, due to a setback in a certain case, she stepped back from her work, and is currently burned out and on leave. One day, Yayoi asks that she look after a boy who sneaked into the office. At the same time, she hears that countless hitmen from overseas are gathering in Japan…