The Longest Five Minutes

The Longest 5 Minutes
GenreRole-Playing » General
Media IDPCSB-01045
DeveloperNippon Ichi Software
PublisherNIS America
Publish Date2019-03-22
Extra InfoDigital version in EU store published on 2018-02-16 has the same PSN ID.
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Region Duplicates
0900CARDJPSekaiichi Nagai 5 FunkanPCSG-008922016-07-28
1617CARDEUThe Longest Five MinutesPCSB-010452019-03-22
1620CARDUSThe Longest Five MinutesPCSE-009932019-03-19

In The Longest Five Minutes, you play as the Hero Flash Back as he and his friends battle the evil Demon King. You flash back to earlier experiences in RPG sections, where you can complete quests and slay demons to gain reexperience points. Then, use what you remembered in your fight against the Demon King