Enkan no Memoria: Kakera Tomoshi

GenreAdventure » General
Media IDPCSG-01167
Developerdramatic create
Publisherdramatic create
Publish Date2018-03-29
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The Gods from the faraway Kingdom of Heaven, and the Gods who inhabit the earthly world, populated by humans. There are gods of wind, fire, earth, and water - Gods that dwell within nature. There are Gods that dwell in tools, and human and animal souls that have been enshrined, thus reaching divinity.

Gods have inhabited his country since times immemorial. And now, in this era, besides us we may find a new kind of Gods, born in order to protect us. The very fruit of human knowledge: Manufactured Gods. ──We humans have finally created Gods with our very own hands.

Whilst still feeling the heat of summer, the protagonist, Katsuki Sayu, moves back to the town of Shiraki where she grew up in with her older brother, Katsuki Minato. "It's a hazy memory, but I sort of remember the streets..." Sayu walks down the street, submerged in nostalgia. Because of the shock, her parents' death caused her, her memories from the past are very vague. This made her very uneasy, but after living with her gentle brother and supporting each other, Sayu decided to treasure her present and her future, and not force herself to remember her past.

A week after Sayu moves, when she has finally adapted herself to live in this town and in her new school, a transfer student arrives at Shiraki Academy one day. And he instantly walks up to Sayu──

"We finally meet... I'm a Manufactured God from the Haruki Shrine! In order to take back my powers, I need your lost memories! Please help me search for them!"

This mysterious young man who calls himself a Manufactured God, Katsuki Ren, informs Sayu that they met when they were young and that both her memories and his powers as a God were sealed away.

Blank memories──

The story in search for the lost shards of her memories hereby begins...

  • Original Episode and CG - Includes the original PC episode and impressive new event graphics!
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