Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

GenreMiscellaneous ยป Compilation
Media IDPCSB-01063
DeveloperSpike Chunsoft
PublisherAksys Games
Publish Date2018-02-09
Dump statusNoNPDRM
Region Duplicates
1068CARDUSZero Escape: The Nonary GamesPCSE-010062017-03-24
1080CARDJPZero Escape: 9 Jikan 9 nin 9 no Tobira Zennin Shibo Dos Double PackPCSG-008832017-04-13
1440CARDEUZero Escape: The Nonary GamesPCSB-010632018-02-09

Two Nonary Games, two sets of 9 unwilling participants kidnapped to an unfamiliar location. One set trapped on a sinking boat with 9 hours to escape, the other locked in a facility and forced to either trust or betray each other. If they break the rules or fail to escape...they'll die.

Why were they chosen to play the game? Who is Zero? Nothing is as it seems. They'll desperately fight for survival in this deadly game of life or death.