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#TitleLanguageReg.UMD SerialBOX IDMultiplayerGenre ⇓Rel DateCRC32
2123  Tenchu 4 Plus (PSP the Best) JPULJM-05471 Action Adventure2010-02-1852639194
1762  Tenchu: Shadow Assassins EUULES-01237 Action Adventure2009-03-31AC0968FD
1757  Tenchu: Shadow Assassins USULUS-10419 Action Adventure2009-03-271C32B563
0068  Tenchu: Shinobi Taizen JPULJS-000182- Action Adventure2005-07-265138B18F
0473  Tenchu: Time of the Assassins EUULES-002772- Action Adventure2006-06-26F5EF454D
0622  The Godfather EUULES-00398 Action Adventure2006-09-21C30CF450
0761  The Godfather EUULES-00394 Action Adventure2006-11-19A4E9C258
0666  The Godfather EUULES-00400 Action Adventure2006-10-088DA604FB
0621  The Godfather EUULES-00397 Action Adventure2006-09-21876C9AF4
0630  The Godfather EUULES-00399 Action Adventure2006-09-2236F01162
0616  The Godfather: Mob Wars USULUS-10098 Action Adventure2006-09-1897460E77
1432  The Godfather: Mob Wars ASULAS-42054 Action Adventure2008-04-172115F2DB
1365  The Golden Compass EUULES-00950 Action Adventure2008-02-17A9EE1515
1437  The Golden Compass EUULES-00953 Action Adventure2008-04-1800FD3EA5
1301  The Golden Compass EUULES-00952 Action Adventure2007-12-179DBC19E3
1364  The Golden Compass EUULES-00954 Action Adventure2008-02-161A8F7DD4
1312  The Golden Compass EUULES-00951 Action Adventure2007-12-20150C248F
1288  The Golden Compass USULUS-10315 Action Adventure2007-12-062850732B
2393  The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest EUULES-01395 Action Adventure2010-10-267EE31090
2347  The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest USULUS-10475 Action Adventure2010-09-21B7741705
1978  The Secret Saturdays: Beasts of the 5th Sun USULUS-10443 Action Adventure2009-10-212CCBCD81
2093  The Secret Saturdays: Beasts of the 5th Sun EUULES-01363 Action Adventure2010-01-22C9D873FD
1201  Tomb Raider: Anniversary EUULES-00826-- Action Adventure2007-10-06BD4D5739
1127  Tomb Raider: Anniversary USULUS-10253-- Action Adventure2007-08-09900933E3
1413  Tomb Raider: Anniversary JPULJS-00133-- Action Adventure2008-03-2555EE2C4D
0457  Tomb Raider: Legend EUULES-00283 Action Adventure2006-06-0809D3414B
0832  Tomb Raider: Legend JPULJM-05180 Action Adventure2006-12-1551AAB7D6
0486  Tomb Raider: Legend USULUS-10110 Action Adventure2006-06-294B265D15
1134  Transformers: The Game EUULES-008232-4- Action Adventure2007-08-1646582952
1095  Transformers: The Game EUULES-008242-4- Action Adventure2007-07-20838568FA
1098  Transformers: The Game EUULES-008252-4- Action Adventure2007-07-220B814AE9
1063  Transformers: The Game USULUS-102742-4- Action Adventure2007-06-207EC72EA5
2474  TRON: Evolution EUULES-01495 Action Adventure2010-12-23F5C7210F
0682  TRON: Evolution USULUS-10548 Action Adventure2011-09-21EBCB4FD6
3106  TRON: Evolution USULUS-10548 Action Adventure2013-03-02CC5B0FA2
2454  TRON: Evolution EUULES-01494 Action Adventure2010-12-04ABA764D6
2573  Undead Knights USULUS-104532-4- Action Adventure2011-04-07EBB163CF
2156  Undead Knights EUULES-013902-4- Action Adventure2010-03-0889618F46
1961  Undead Knights JPULJM-055302-4- Action Adventure2009-10-1317DD5B46
0021  Undead Knights USULUS-104532-4- Action Adventure2009-10-01016E758E
0284  Young Thor USNPUZ-00052 Action Adventure2011-01-07B792CB0C
0508  Young Thor JPNPJH-00070 Action Adventure2011-04-20ABA880B6
0416  Young Thor EUNPEZ-00134 Action Adventure2011-03-281403C4D0
1779  Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3: Kowareyuku Machi to Kanojo no Uta JPULJS-00191 Action Adventure2009-04-21D327E49A
1189  Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3: Kowareyuku Machi to Kanojo no Uta JPULJS-00191 Action Adventure2016-05-058F5DCCE9



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