Saru Get You: Piposaru Racer

サルゲッチュ ピポサルレーサー
GenreDriving » General
Archive size208 MB
UMD Version 1.00
Extra Info correct dump! ASiA: dump is fully identical, BOX ID is UCAS-40134
Region Duplicates
0798UMDJPSarugetchu_Piposaru_Racer_JPN_PSP-BAHAMUTUCJS-100322006-12-05247 MBNFO
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A racing game featuring the many, monkeys of the Ape Escape franchise. Instead of acting out their favorite movie parts and running away from your trusty net, they race one another, using weapons and items to make sure of a front position. This isn't a cart racer per se. Rather than boarding a vehicle, the apes equip themselves with tires and an engine, then speed down the track like a car would. The game offers 46 "vehicles," each with two forms -- one for performing drifts and one specializing in acceleration.

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