Intelligent License

インテリジェント ライセンス
GenreMiscellaneous » Puzzle
MultiplayerAdHoc: - | Infrastructure: -
CRC32365AC630 (fixed: 698D360F)
Archive size74 MB
UMD Version 1.02
Extra Info underdump: 2048 bytes, use fix - DUMPS_FIX_PACK_4_iNTERNAL_PSP-PLAYASiA
Region Duplicates
0057UMDJPIntelligent_License_JAP_PSP-INDULJS-000142005-07-03178 MBNFO
0268UMDUSPQ_Practical_Intelligence_Quotient_USA_PSP-ARTiSANULUS-100462006-01-11170 MBNFO
0501UMDEUPQ_Practical_Intelligence_Quotient_EUR_PSP-pSyPSPULES-003582006-07-13175 MBNFO
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Players can challenge 100 3D logic puzzles by moving blocks, avoiding walls and lasers, pulling switches and maneuvering with maps to reach their goal and solve the puzzle. As players solve the puzzle within a shorter time frame and with fewer moves, their PQ scores improve. Players can then post their PQ score using the PSP system's Infrastructure Mode to receive a worldwide ranking.

  • 100 various logic puzzles presented in 3D
  • All gameplay takes place on a grid. You must get your character to the exit. Puzzles include:
  • Boxes: Create a clear path on the grid to access the exit. Boxes placed in the path can be pushed or pulled but not carried
  • Stairs: Move the boxes to create a series of stairs to access the upper level
  • Escalator: Figure out which set of escalators will take you to the next platform until you reach the exit
  • Lasers: Move the boxes on the grid to block the laser beam and move toward the exit without crossing a beam
  • Great pick-up-and play appeal. Play during a short break or during a long commute.
  • Using the Infrastructure Mode, players can connect to the Internet and check their ranking against other players. Access to the ranking service is free.
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