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Play as Genmai, a quick-thinking agent who has discovered some small and friendly creatures called "Tokobot" in the ancient ruins. The simple minded Tokobots will faithfully follow you on your journey helping you avoid obstacles, trap and enemies by working together in cooperative fashion to create "joint actions". Together, you and the Tokobots will reveal mysteries and save the world from a horrible plot!

  • Work with your Tokobots to create a "joint-acton"that will help you through obstacles!
  • You'll begin with only 6 Tokobots, but if you are successful, you can acquire many more to help you on your journey!
  • Achieve big challenges only by strategically utilizing yourself and the Tokobots in new and innovative ways!
  • Follow the Hieroglyphics in the ruins to help you and the Tokobots form the ultimate joint-action move, the Karakuri Combinations, which will morph the Tokobots into large robots
  • Bonus Game Center can be unlocked when the game is completed.
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