Over the Hedge: Hammy Goes Nuts!

Vecinos invasores: ¡Hammy enloquece!
GenreAction » Platformer » 3D
MultiplayerAdHoc: 2-4 | Infrastructure: -
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UMD Version 1.02
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3377UMDEUVecinos_Invasores_Hammy_Enloquece_EUR_PSPULES-006642021-12-01310 MB

Four forest friends have vanquished the exterminator from their land. Now a new menace has surfaced and Hammy, RJ and Verne are called back into action to battle a crazy cat lady, a tool-toting handyman and Boris, an overly eager beaver, who has his own designs for Mother Nature. Fur and shell collide with kitty litter and satellite TV in this new addition to the Over the Hedge video-game franchise.

Interact with new characters, explore 3D environments, and experience “Hammy Time” as you move invisibly through the world. Push, pull, carry, open, close and drag objects in the game’s interactive environments, or play up to three friends in wireless Multiplayer mode!

  • Your favorite furry (and shelled) friends are back for more! Hammy the squirrel, RJ the raccoon and Verne the turtle are back with new missions, new friends, new foes and new heists!
  • It’s Hammy Time! Stop time at will! Use it to gain an edge over your enemies, weave through laser grids, move invisibly through the world, and even walk on water.
  • RJ is one lean, mean tool-toting machine. Unleash RJ’s arsenal of tools to distract enemies, boomerang obstacles, grapple high ledges and more.
  • The battle for the ’burbs. Face-off against your partners in Multiplayer mode, and race to steal the most food from a well-stocked suburban home.
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