The Con

PublisherSouth Peak Games
GenreAction » Fighting » 3D
MultiplayerAdHoc: 2 | Infrastructure: -
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UMD Version 1.02
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In an underworld where illegal fighting tournaments exist and high-stakes gambling takes center stage, your skills as a fighter are matched only by your wits as an ex-con. Create and customize your own character with deep character customization features including "Image Import," allowing you to upload your photo directly (via Memory Stick) to the PlayStation Portable and put your face onto your in-game character. Learn reprogrammable fighting combinations based on five different brawling disciplines - Boxing, Wrestling, Kick Boxing, Tae Kwon Do and Jeet Kune Do. Train your fighter to fight solo or in a team of three in Story Mode where your ability to build up your team and implementing match-up strategy plays a huge role. In addition, utilizing Ad Hoc mode that enables wireless gaming, The Con allows players to compete in various head-to-head fighting matches.

Finally, every fight is more than just a fight with the element of underground gambling. Bet for or against yourself to take advantage of the current odds. During the fight, throw 'fake' punches or take a dive to tilt the odds and con everyone to ensure a wealthy pay off – win or lose. How you work the CON is up to you.

  • Five different styles of fighting – Street boxing, Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, Jeet Kune Do and Wrestling.
  • "Over-the-shoulder" camera angle puts players directly behind the action.
  • Players can create and customize their own fighter with build, facial and clothing options.
  • quotImage import" players can insert their face onto their in-game character via the Memory Stick.
  • Players can gain experience and decide how fast their character's fighting abilities enhance.
  • Intuitive controls allow for easy entry for gamers of all ages.
  • Reprogrammable combo strings for advanced fighting combinations.
  • Story, arcade and Wireless modes satisfy the hunger a variety of gameplay cravings.
  • Manage a stable of fighters to help you reach the "Big Time"
  • Game sharing ability allows non-owners to participate in a head-to-head wireless match (without a UMD disc).
  • Unique gambling/betting elements turns each fight into more than just a fight, but a gamble itself.
  • Pull off a con by timing the placing of your bets, taking dives or exaggerated punches (mid-fight) to tilt the odds and turn the tables of the fight for a major payoff.
  • Raise the stakes when playing wirelessly, by placing your unlocked items on the line in head-to-head fights.
  • Use your hard-earned cash to pay off your debt, buy hundreds of items, recover faster after injury, or train for new combo techniques.
  • Develop and grow your team to reach the ultimate level of supreme fighting experience.
  • Special 3-on-3 match format puts pressure that you have three solid fighters, not just one.
  • Work towards paying your debt, establishing a crew and earning enough money to "buy in" to the ultimate underground fighting tournament.
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