Shepherd's Crossing

PublisherGraffiti Entertainment
GenreStrategy ยป Breeding/Constructing
CRC32BAA43916 (fixed: 479D3B9C)
Archive size155 MB
UMD Version 1.00
Extra Info underdump: 2048 bytes, use fix - DUMPS_FIX_PACK_4_iNTERNAL_PSP-PLAYASiA
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1820UMDJPYoukoso_Hitsuji_Mura_Portable_JPN_PSP-CaravanULJM-054662009-05-28254 MBNFO
2215UMDUSSheperds_Crossing_2_USA_PSP-PSPKiNGULUS-104992010-05-12252 MBNFO

You've traveled the world and seen all there is to see, but a charming mountain town and a girl named Claire have finally convinced you to settle down. An abandoned farmhouse becomes your new home, and the fields your new responsibility. Plant crops in the spring and reap the rewards before winter comes and covers the land in snow. Trade crops for animals, raise and breed them, and use their unique abilities to hunt wild animals and defend your farm.

In Shepherd's Crossing for the PSP, it's up to you to run your own farm and make it thrive. The game is all about the sheep. In fact, the main source of income is based on high-quality wool products. Turn your small, empty farm into a successful sheep colony in order to complete the game's main story, but the game doesn't end there. After the story you can continue to build, customize and grow your farm!

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