Colin McRae Rally 2005 Plus

GenreDriving ยป Racing
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UMD Version 1.02
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Perfect for gaming on the go, Colin McRae Rally 2005's rally stages are of varying lengths, giving different sized chunks of playing time. You can pick up and play a 5-minute stage and the game automatically saves changes to your best time or championship progress.

  • The game's Career Challenge mode sees you driving the most diverse selection of cars, rallying for different manufacturers through a series of Challenges, Cups, SuperCups, Shields and Championships as you earn the right to compete with the very best.
  • In the Career Challenge, you're not tied to the car you select at the beginning. Through the 23 events drivers will be pummelled through a staggering 300+ stages in cars from 4-wheel drive, 2-wheel drive, 4-wheel Classics, Super 2-wheel, Rear Wheel, Distinctive and 4x4.
  • Over 30 cars are fully simulated, using the renowned handling physics, and include the Audi A3 3.2 Quattro, Ford MK1 Escort, Subaru 44S WRX, Volkswagen Beetle Rsi, Lancia Stratos, Toyota Celica GT 4, Mitsubishi Shogun Montero, Alfa Romeo Alfetta and Mitsubishi Evolution VIII
  • Alongside the Career mode, other game modes include the 4WD Championship, Rally and Stages modes with the complete compendium of 9 international locations, and Multiplayer games over WiFi for up to 8 players.
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