Defenders of the Mystic Garden

PublisherTwisted Dragon Media
GenreStrategy ยป General
SourcePSN minis
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UMD Version 1.01
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Defenders of the Mystic Garden is a play on the popular Tower Defense genre of games, and will be releasing in the Spring of 2012 on PlayStation Minis.

Players will find that various animals and insects are wreaking havoc on our backyard garden gnomes and stealing their strawberries. It's up to you to place and command your defenses.

Instead of static towers you place one of four units. These units can stay still, be moved, or patrol between two points that the player chooses. Each level has a maximum allowed number units allow to be placed further adding to the strategy. This engages the player as they must move units around the screen to deal enough damage during each wave of enemies. The action never stops from the moment the player starts the level.

  • 12 Challenging Levels of play spread out over 4 themed environments
  • 4 fully animated loading screens (one for each of the 4 themes)
  • Levels are categorized either Easy, Medium, or Hard (Strawberry Rating)
  • Level statistics including number of times played, cleared, and high score are recorded
  • 4 Playable Tower Units, with differing strategies, each with 17+ unique voice-overs and SFX during in-game events from placement, selection, upgrades and more.
  • 16 Challenges for added re-playability
  • Challenges include, defeating a certain number of enemies with idle or patrolling units, clearing a level with no strawberries being taken, different ways to clear a level, and more
  • 16 different enemies to defeat and collect
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