DJ Max Fever

PublisherPM Studios
GenreMiscellaneous ยป Rhythm
MultiplayerAdHoc: 2 | Infrastructure: -
Archive size1.32 GB
UMD Version 1.04
Extra Info correct dump!
Region Duplicates
1699UMDUSDJ_Max_Fever_USA_PSP-pSyPSPULUS-104032009-01-291.59 GBNFO
0683PSNUSDJ_Max_Fever_USA_PSN_PSP-PLAYASiAULUS-104032011-09-211.6 GBNFO
1217PSNEUDJ_Max_Fever_EUR_PSN_PSPNPEH-000302019-02-281.6 GB
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Based on the second edition of the Korean music sensation (but mixing elements of all editions), DJ Max Fever for PSP features a brand new mix of music tracks, a re-balanced difficulty curve, new visual elements and more! The title packs in more than 100 songs for you to tap through, as well as a Freestyle Mode (that's activated by performing a perfect mix), goal-based contests called Extreme challenges, five difficulty levels, Network Battle Mode and a collection gallery to house the music videos, soundtracks, and images you unlock.

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