Farm Frenzy

PublisherAlawar Entertainment Inc.
GenreStrategy ยป Breeding/Constructing
LanguageEnglish - Russian - French - Spanish - German - Italian - Dutch - Portuguese
SourcePSN minis
Archive size17 MB
UMD Version 1.03
Extra Info correct dump!
Region Duplicates
0354PSNEUFarm_Frenzy_EUR_PSN_PSP-ABSTRAKTNPEZ-002292011-01-18168 MBNFO
0586PSNUSFarm_Frenzy_USA_PSN_PSP-PLAYTHISNPUZ-002222011-08-03175 MBNFO
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Show Old MacDonald how it's done!

  • Try your hand at running your own farm and cultivate your fields, feed your animals and collect the items they produce.
  • Sell your produce at the market and spend the money you earn on upgrading your farm to churn out more products.
  • Enjoy lots of farming action mixed with strategy and amusing characters.
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