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Prologue  : PSP teh scene is almost dead nowadays for known reasons, and we
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Title     : Mainichi Issho Portable
Region    : JPN
Source    : PSN
Game ID   : NPJG-00005

Format    : ISO
CRC32     : 0EF25076
MD5       : 79C2D5AE67C58ADA2719055F80AD8550

Dumped by : Google

Note      : Mainichi Issho  (which translates as "Everyday Together")  is a
            November 11, 2006  Sony Computer Entertainment  online game for
            the PlayStation 3.

            It is based on the Toro franchise, a cartoon character which is
            a mascot for SCEJ.  This game  is exclusively  for the Japanese
            market.  Its international title is Everyday Together ! as seen
            romanized in the Mainichi Issho Store.

            A PlayStation Portable port called Mainichi Issho Portable  was
            released on October 15, 2008  and  a  sequel  to the very first
            Dokodemo Issho game (Which was released on the PS1) titled Toro
            to Morimori was released on the PlayStation 3 on July 23, 2009.
            Mainichi Issho was eventually discontinued on November 11, 2009
            and replaced with Weekly Toro Station.


            ISO Creation Date: 2008-09-26

            It is impossible to run this game/app  'cause Sony shutdown all
            the services for PSP including Playstation Store. Maybe someone
            will find a way to run it in future... maybe not.

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