Shinobi, Koiutsutsu

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Our heroine is a 16-year-old girl who lost her parents when she was small. She was raised by her grandmother since then, but that grandmother eventually passed away as well. In order to support herself and pay for school fees, she does public service day and night. At the same time, she also attends a ninjutsu dojo in town to become a ninja—a profession she has always admired.

One day, she meets the chairman of "Sanada Training High School" at work, and she's invited to accept their scholarship certification exam. In order to pass the exam, she has to enter the training school and meet the grade requirements for the midterms.

In order to reach her dream of becoming a ninja, the heroine accepted the offer.

But on her first day at school, for some reason she activates a strange skill that charms men!?

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