Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon Portable

境界線上のホライゾン PORTABLE
PublisherKadokawa Shoten
GenreAdventure » General
Archive size655 MB
UMD Version 1.02 (Update: 1.03)
Extra Info correct dump!
Region Duplicates
3140UMDJPKyoukai_Senjou_no_Horizon_Portable_JPN_PSP-PLAYASiAULJS-005432013-04-27919 MBNFO
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Kyoukaisen no Horizon is a combination of battles, fan service and a cute wardrobe. The TV anime has inspired a light novel series and a portable game. With more than 400 missions, numerous items you can make, a crazy amount of job classes and costumes, this game gives you everything you want from Horizon.

The game is split into an adventure part and a battle part. Chat with the characters, experience the memorable scenes from the anime and unlock other scenes exclusive to the game. Be sure to set up the character's skills before the battle starts. Each character has his or her own special skill set, and you can complement it by giving them costumes from different job classes. These costumes boost their various stats and changes their appearance.

The battle is turn-based. And depending on how you dressed the girls during job changes, their battle graphics differ. And be sure not to miss the poker games to engage in some naughty fun.

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