Lord of Arcana

PublisherSquare Enix
GenreAction » General
LanguageEnglish - French - Spanish - German
CRC32288AEE09 (fixed: 63F4FA48) (PSN CRC: FF25FCEE)
Archive size680 MB
UMD Version 1.00
Extra Info underdump: 2048 bytes, use fix - DUMPS_FIX_PACK_4_iNTERNAL_PSP-PLAYASiA; NFOFiX: Lord.of.Arcana.NFO.FIX.EUR.PSP.MULTI5-COMPLEX
Region Duplicates
2372UMDJPLord_of_Arcana_JPN_PSP-CaravanNPJH-503352010-10-12783 MBNFO
2491UMDEULord.of.Arcana.EUR.PSP.MULTI5-COMPLEXULES-015072011-01-21775 MBNFO
2522UMDUSLord_of_Arcana_USA_PSP-PLAYASiAULUS-104792011-02-18768 MBNFO
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Lord of Arcana is a new action game from Square Enix for the PSP system! Set in a unique and beautiful fantasy world, this new action game with exciting multiplayer gameplay. Simultaneous multi-player gaming is available for up to four players, allowing you to team up with friends to face tough monsters and battles together. The stunning monster artwork in the game has been designed in collaboration with many well-known illustrators who have been successful both abroad and in Japan, including some renowned Square Enix staff.

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