PQ2: Practical Intelligence Quotient 2

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PQ2: Practical Intelligence Quotient (PQ2), is the second edition to the best-selling brain game on the PSP system, PQ1, and is built around the same defining feature, the PQ scoring system. PQ2 uses a measuring system that was created under the guidance of Professor Masuo Koyasu of Kyoto University in Japan that determines players’ ‘Practical Intelligence Quotient’ of PQ. PQ2 will help players calculate their intelligence by using the PQ scoring system based on the number of moves and the speed with which they complete more than 250 puzzles. PQ2 players will use the PSP system’s infrastructure mode to take their score online to measure their brain power against their friends, their country and even their gender!

  • More Obstacles, Puzzles and Unlockables Than Before – Players will encounter more than 10 new obstacles, more than 250 puzzles and unlock 10 hidden puzzles; themed puzzles will focus on Single Moves, Traps, Reasoning, Fewest Moves and more!
  • Get Your Preliminary PQ Score in Minutes – Players will discover their preliminary PQ score in roughly 10 minutes through Quick Mode, or play through the full puzzle set for their full PQ Score.
  • Improved Controls and Flexibility – Players will move around with faster and sharper movements as well as choose which puzzles they want to play first.
  • Create Your Own Puzzles and Acquire More Puzzles Over the Internet - Using Infrastructure Mode for the PSP system, players can upload their unique puzzles and download puzzles created by other players or new tests that will be made available weekly!
  • Share PQ2 with Friends Who Don’t Own a Copy of the Game Through Gameshare Mode – Using Ad-Hoc Mode for the PSP system, players can send out a trial version of the game to their friends allowing them to solve 10 puzzles to discover their preliminary PQ score.
  • What is your Practical Intelligence Quotient? Compare Your PQ Score with Others – Players will check their rank among the world’s top 100 scores, their country, their region, their age group, their gender and even their own blood type!
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