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When it comes to archiving human culture,
this software offers a fascinating glimpse into
how one company approached training employees circa 2009.

More information:

The software has three parts:
1 - Memory stick containing software data and a certificate-requiring executable. These were archived via the Unix dd command and are contained in a disc image including MBR named: "ULTIMATE_TEAM_PLAY_MEMORY_STICK.img".
2 - UMD executable
3 - PSP with necessary certificates

Only #1 and #2 have been archived.

As for #3, it might be possible someone has unknowingly purchased a PSP from the hotel,
which has the necessary certificates, but it's unclear where the certificates reside in the firmware,
nor if rooting procedures may delete these certificates.

Thankfully the software has a fallback that allows it to run without these certificates
due to a possibly-the-same-possibly-older non-certificate requiring executable residing on the UMD.

Below is the fallback patch.
To make use of it, you'll need a tool to such as TempAR running on a rooted PSP or the PSP emulator PPSSPP.

_S UCUS-94341
_G Ultimate Teamplay PSP

Cheats must be turned on right away

You'll need to set the refresh rate for the cheats in PPSSPP to 1/1000
and in TempAR to 5/1000 otherwise the cheats won't be applied in time

May crash one's PPSSPP

_C1 Fix PPSSPP not implementing sceUtilityInstall* functions (emulator only)
_L 0xD000408C 0x00001173
_L 0x2000408C 0x00000000

_C1 Fallback to unsigned game.prx on UMD 
_L 0xD000409C 0x00001182
_L 0x2000409C 0x34020000

_C1 Force reads outside of data.pak
_L 0xD0378EC0 0x00006164
_L 0x20378EC0 0x6174617A

Hotel code is: Hilton