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Prologue  : PSP teh scene is almost dead nowadays for known reasons, and we
            were waiting enough... We at Renascene decided to update our db
            with games which are not dumped by any scene team but available
            here and there. Enjoy!

Title     : Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2014
Region    : JPN
Source    : UMD
Game ID   : NPJH-50838

Format    : ISO
CRC32     : BE8DAD08
MD5       : 71FAC4A8E23B8957BDC1FA0DD4436238

Dumped by : Google

Note      : DISC_VERSION 1.00 - this dump
            DISC_VERSION 2.00 - Pro_Yakyuu_Spirits_2014_JPN_PSP-MOEMOE

            Pro_Yakyuu_Spirits_2014_JPN_PSP-P2PSHiT is also 1.00 but it was
            delpred at about 30%, so the full release  is not available for 
            anyone except P2PSHiT. 

Greetz    : to all the original dumpers, supporters and friends, and ofc to
            people who are not only asking for links,  but  actively  doing
            real things at
            - COMMUNITY PSN THREAD (
            - &
            - RomShepherd forums

            Personal greetz to ADVANsCEne admin!