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Greets to that lamefuck Sacha Baron Cohen who kept moaning at me to release this
Jak sie masz!


Type ................: PSP
Rars ................: 62 x 15MB
Region ..............: USA
Release Date.........: 20/9/2011

Oh god! Fuck me, Jessi. Fuck me. Fuck me. Dahvie yelled as his orgasm started
to build. It built deep inside where he never felt it start before. Soon it
seemed to take over his whole body and he unleashed a torrent of jizz.
While the waves of climax hit he begged to me to keep fucking him. His begging
sent me over the edge and I squirted all down my leg. I kept pounding into
Dahvie until my orgasm began to subside. Finally I stopped. For a few minutes,
no sound could be heard but the sound of our heavy breathing. Finally I removed
the dildo from Davhies ass. We embraced and kissed. Dahvie looked at me and
said, That was incredible, You definitely know how to use a cock. I certainly
do enjoying being fucked. I lol'd but I looked forward to the next pegging!

Love you guys x

_________ B L O O D _ O N _ T H E _ D A N C E _ F L O O R _________

Yo! you, yeah you! yeah you know who you are. I heard you like to dip it in
peanut butter and let the bears at the zoo lick it off while Korean girls lick
your ass. You greased up the Sunday roast and slid it in while dipping the tip
of your knob in melted swiss cheese and feeding it to transvestite midgets!

Someone told me you shoot your balls full of saline solution till there the size
of watermelons, and have lolliz smash them with hammers to the beat of
moonwalker. You injected hot sauce into your dick hole then fucked some slag
till you cum fire like a dragon and you greased your ass up and let circus
midgets drive one of their lil cars into your anus. I heard you covered your
nads in honey and went out to the woods to t-bag an ant hill, Yeah!

What am I doing right now? I just put a turd in a pickle jar with brine and
donated it to the local food drive, so the next time you go down there I would
avoid all the jars! Unless you enjoy eating my shit!

to all my fans and everyone else enjoy this :-)

Fuck You kg, I'll never get back with you since you loves teh circumcised cock
and you're a lamefuck for thinking otherwise