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ABSTRAKT presents....

Title.....: FIFA 11
Type......: GAME
Company...: EA Sports
Area......: EUR
Language..: Russian
Platform..: PSP
Format....: .iso
Genre.....: Sports
Size......: 35 x 20
Date......: 14.10.2010
Notes.....: Thanks to Mr. M for supply and enjoy !


Play on until the final whistle with the 2011 edition of EA's
officially-licensed FIFA game series. FIFA 11 delivers a true
soccer experience  with  authentic club  and leagues licenses
and  gameplay  refinements  and  innovations  that combine to
create  the  complete  soccer simulation.  The '11 version of
FIFA for PSP boasts an all-new Career Mode that lets you lead
your  club  through  15    seasons   of  play  as  a  player,
player/manager or manager. The challenge is also greater than
ever thanks to improved AI  --  the opponents  will be faster
and more aware of the ball,  but so will your own players, so
be on the lookout for crafty players thinking two steps ahead
of  you  and  make  sure  to  take  advantage  of your team's
strategic positioning. 

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