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PSN  Carnivores: Dinosaur HunterASNPHZ-00057
UMD  MLB 09: The Show (C2D9BF27)ASUCAS-40249
UMD  NBA 08 (AE832CA5)ASUCAS-40181
UMD  Professional Baseball Spirits 2012ASNPHH-00338
UMD  Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters (5E75FB77)ASUCAS-40145
UMD  Tekken 6 (4FC46387)ASULAS-42214
PSN  Armored Core 3 PortableEUNPEH-00045
PSN  Armored Core: Last Raven PortableEUNPEH-00046
PSN  Ben 10: Ultimate Alien - Cosmic DestructionEUNPEH-00116
PSN  Castle Rustle (Russian)EUNPEH-00067
PSN  Dead or Alive ParadiseEUNPEH-00038
PSN  DJ Max FeverEUNPEH-00030
PSN  Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2EUNPEH-00014
PSN  Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2 (French)EUNPEH-00015
PSN  Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2 (German)EUNPEH-00016
PSN  Hakuoki: Warriors of the ShinsengumiEUNPEH-00142
PSN  Madden NFL 10EUNPEH-00010
PSN  Mawaskes PuzzleEUNPEH-00120
PSN  Rugby League ChallengeEUNPEH-00023
UMD  Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz (Danish/Norwegian)EUUCES-01453
UMD  Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz (Greek)EUUCES-01485
UMD  Cars (Danish)EUULES-00328
UMD  Cars (Finnish)EUULES-00329
UMD  FIFA 10 (Portuguese)EUULES-01331
UMD  FIFA 14 (Portuguese)EUULES-01592
UMD  Ratatouille (Danish)EUULES-00742
UMD  Up Altamente! (Portuguese)EUULES-01258
UMD  UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 (Spanish)EUULES-00705
UMD  UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 (French)EUULES-00706
PSN  (BeitHell2000) ??? (Redeemable)JPNPJG-0009?
PSN  (BeitHell2000) ??? (Redeemable)JPNPJG-0009?
PSN  (BeitHell2000) Feeling Partner 5 vs 5 (Redeemable)JPNPJG-0009?
PSN  (BeitHell2000) World Clock Deluxe (Redeemable)JPNPJG-0009?
PSN  (PlayView) Irem Bururun Digital MagazineJPNPJH-60001
PSN  Motto Ane, Chan to Shiyouyo! +PlusJPNPJH-00135
UMD  Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (3.00) (1DA32381)KOULKS-46157
UMD  Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (1217B4B5)KOULKS-46119
UMD  SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2 (141C5545)KOULKS-45043
UMD  Tekken 6 (8A9A8977)KOULKS-46235
PSN  Football Manager Handheld 2011USNPUH-10077
PSN  Geronimo Stilton: Return to the Kingdom of FantasyUSNPUG-80850
UMD  Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (v2)USULUS-10041
UMD  Hilton Garden Inn: Ultimate Team PlayUSUCUS-94341
UMD  Pro Evolution Soccer 2014USULUS-10654



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