This list contains bad dumps ( patched / rebuilt / watermarked / non-working ) of games available on public sources.
We're searching for proper dumps. If you have one or more of these games (UMD or digital copy from PSN), contact us by email
UMD  Blade Dancer: Qiannian Zhi YaodingASUCAS-40064rebuilt with UMDGEN V2.00
UMD  Coded SoulASUCAS-40180underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  echochrome: Mugen KairouASUCAS-40197underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  MyStylistASUCAS-40192underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  PataponASUCAS-40193underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  Silent Hill OriginsASULUS-10285underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  Tekken: Dark ResurrectionASUCAS-40099underdump: 6144 bytes
UMD  Autoescuela Aprueba Conmigo (ES)EUULES-01366underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  Buzz! Master Quiz (DK/NL)EUUCES-01034underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  Call of Duty: Roads to Victory (DE)EUULES-00644underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  FIFA 07 (FR)EUULES-00441corrupted attract_fr.pmf
UMD  FIFA 08 (FR)EUULES-00892corrupted attract_fr.pmf
UMD  FIFA 09 (IT)EUULES-01138corrupted eas_ita.big
UMD  FIFA 10 (ES)EUULES-01323underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  FIFA 11 (ES)EUULES-01479underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  Hannah Montana: Rock Out the ShowEUULES-01304underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (IT)EUULES-00216underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  NBA Live 07 (FR)EUULES-00463corrupted xonedat.fcd
UMD  Ratatouille (NO)EUULES-00745underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  Scarface: Money. Power. Respect. (DE)EUULES-00547corrupted ICON1.PMF
UMD  SpongeBob's Truth or Square (ES)EUULES-01486overdump
UMD  The Con (DE)EUULES-00511underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  The Golden Compass (FR)EUULES-00951underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  The Simpsons Game (FR)EUULES-00976underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  The Simpsons Game (IT)EUULES-00977underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 (IT)EUULES-00707underdump: 6144 bytes
UMD  Up (ES)EUULES-01256overdump
UMD  WALL-E (DK/NL)EUULES-01073underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  WALL-E (ES/PT)EUULES-01075overdump
UMD  WALL-E (RU)EUULES-01081underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  Burnout LegendsKOULKS-46027underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  Chongseong and DiamondKOUCKS-45120underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  DJ Max Portable - Hot TunesKOULKS-46240underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  DJ Max Portable 3KOULKS-46236underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  FIFA 07KOULKS-46113corrupted dat_kor.big
UMD  FIFA 10KONPHH-00061overdump
UMD  Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireKOULKS-46047underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  Lost Regnum: Makutsu no KouteiKOULKS-46138corrupted MSG_SKILL.gim
UMD  Shin Sangoku Musou 5 SpecialKOULKS-46222overdump
UMD  SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo (90CCC603)KOUCKS-45021corrupted SA_K.pmf
UMD  Strikers 1945 PlusKOULKS-46198underdump: 2048 bytes
UMD  TalkMan (Microphone Doukonban)KOUCKS-45012underdump: 6144 bytes
UMD  Yuusha 30KOULKS-46234overdump



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- game update is available
- Minis series game
- NeoGeo series game
- PCEngine series game
- bad dump
- not checked
- good dump
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