Ken to Mahou to Gakuen Mono. Final: Shinnyuusei wa Ohimesama!

剣と魔法と学園モノ。Final ~新入生はお姫様!~
GenreStrategy » General
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UMD Version 1.01
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Take your friends to the dungeons again. This time, there are more students, more challenge in the dungeons and a large variety of new scenarios. The friends you have made in Totomono 3 once again make an appearance. If you have the save data from the previous game, load it into this new game to get bonus items.

Design your character, there are more uniforms to choose from this time. Decide on your affiliated element when you enter the dungeons. Having the right element gives you chances to do ultra destructive combos. And don’t forget to treasure hunt. The new around view system lets you study the environment and spot items hidden in the corner.

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