Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee

GenreSports » Traditional » Golf
MultiplayerAdHoc: 2-8 | Infrastructure: -
CRC3262D0F2EF (fixed: 141DD4A7) (PSN CRC: 5D53F5BB)
Archive size258 MB
UMD Version 1.00
Extra Info underdump: 2048 bytes, use fix - DUMPS_FIX_PACK_3_iNTERNAL_PSP-PLAYASiA
Region Duplicates
0015UMDUSHot_Shots_Golf_Open_Tee_USA_PSP-NONEEDPDXUCUS-986142005-06-08438 MBNFO
0021UMDJPMina_No_Golf_JAP_PSP-DEVUCJS-100012005-06-09383 MBNFO
0032UMDJPMinna_no_Golf_Portable_Coca-Cola_Special_Edition_JPN_PSP-CaravanUCJM-954012005-06-12429 MBNFO
0103UMDEUEverybodys_Golf_EUR_MULTI5_PSP-DKUCES-000122005-08-27537 MBNFO
1317UMDKOMinna_no_Golf_Portable_KOR_PSP-JdumpUCKS-450042007-12-22537 MBNFO
2605UMDUSHot_Shot_Golf_Open_Tee_v2_USA_PSP-GooglecusUCUS-986142011-05-04438 MBNFO
2836UMDASHot_Shot_Golf_Open_Tee_ASIA_PSP-GooglecusUCAS-400162012-02-15438 MBNFO
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The colorful cast of characters returns in the PSP version of Hot Shots Golf. Now you can select your favorite golfer; customize his or her abilities, attributes, and appearance; and then tee off on a series of challenging courses and in a number of game modes. In addition to offering single-player modes, Hot Shots Golf lets you use the Wi-Fi capabilities of the PSP to link up with your friends and take part in gala golf tournaments and challenges.

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