Dungeon Explorer: Meiyaku no Tobira

ダンジョンエクスプローラー 盟約の扉
GenreRole-Playing » General
MultiplayerAdHoc: 2-3 | Infrastructure: -
Archive size283 MB
UMD Version 1.01
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1258UMDJPDungeon_Explorer_Meiyaku_no_Tobira_JPN_PSP-CaravanULJM-051642007-11-14733 MBNFO
1374UMDUSDungeon_Explorer_Warrior_of_the_Ancient_Arts_USA_PSP-ZRYULUS-102892008-02-25539 MBNFO
1424UMDEUDungeon_Explorer_EUR_MULTi5_PROPER_PSP-ABSTRAKTULES-008472010-11-141.18 GBNFO

You are a Warrior of Ancient Arts, trained in the ways of mystical forces and weapons. Prepare to battle demonic forces and seal the gateway from which they have come. Lead up to 3 comrades-in-arms via single player or Ad Hoc Multiplayer mode to defeat the evil that plagues the land and seal off the Great Labyrinth from which these creatures spawn.

  • Choose your Fighting Style Ц Learn hundreds of different kinds of fighting arts including УBig Bang ArtsФ that allow you and 2 of your friends to team-up and triple your destructive power in Multiplayer Mode.
  • Epic Battles Ц Wage battles against a legion of different classes of monstrous creatures, each with their own attributes. Strategy in battle and the right choice of weapons are keys to survival against boss creatures and their minions.
  • Choose your Hero Ц Over 70 different Warrior Types that vary in race, gender and class.
  • Epic Journey Ц Uncover the fate of the Three Kingdoms that were sealed ages ago.
  • Choose your Weapon Ц Hundreds of variations of upgradeable weapons, armor, and equipment, enhancing them as you progress through your adventure.
  • Epic Multiplayer Adventure Ц Battle the underworld forces alone or join forces with up to 2 other friends via Ad-Hoc mode.
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